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June in January – A One Of A Kind Wedding Idea

By , January 24th, 2020


Over the past 30 years, Lawrence Romorini has had the privilege of creating 3-dimensional art for Brides and Grooms, each with a great One Of A Kind story. The artwork preserves favorite memories of the newlyweds and their families, the wedding, reception and much more in a custom-designed gift that continues to be enjoyed years later. Each commission is a collaboration to reflect a unique story and style. And what an amazing surprise wedding present! (more…)

Father to Son: The Gift of an Irish Heritage

By , October 24th, 2019

Interspersed with our corporate commissions are wonderful family stories we commemorate in One Of A Kind art. This new collage is especially memorable. Over months we collaborated in secret with a father to surprise his son on the eve of his wedding with a legacy of his Irish heritage.


The Gift of Mothers: A Mother’s Day Salute

By , May 11th, 2017

On Mother’s Day, we salute the amazing mothers and grandmothers who have profoundly shaped countless lives and the success of countless companies. Today we recall especially those mothers we’ve had the chance to celebrate in One Of A Kind art. (more…)

Ohio IS One Of A Kind!

By , December 15th, 2016


O-H-I-O—an amazing state for singers (Dean Martin, Doris Day), sharpshooters (Annie Oakley), astronauts (John Glenn, Neil Armstrong), comedians (Jonathan Winters, Bob Hope, Fred Willard), entrepreneurs (Dave Thomas, Leslie Wexner) and One Of A Kind commissions!  From Cincinnati to Cleveland and assorted points in between, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with over 30 distinguished Ohio companies, hospitals and organizations since 1985. Their inspiring stories from The Heartland are as varied as their industries. (more…)

“Through the Years…” with Kenny Rogers

By , November 6th, 2014


A recent visit to Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum proved a special treat, coinciding with their exhibit honoring the career of Kenny Rogers. It brought back great memories of our collaboration with his manager, Ken Kragen, 26 years ago to create 3-dimensional commemorative art for Kenny Rogers’ 50th birthday party. (more…)

27 Years Later: Remembering the “American-Soviet Walk For Peace”

By , February 12th, 2014

Peace Walk Newspaper Article

With the Winter Olympic Games in the news, as well as the continuing tensions between the U.S. and Russia, we reflect on our friends Ed and Adrien Helm’s amazing journey to the USSR to promote peace and reconciliation in 1987. Ed and Adrien, with children Eleanor, Joanna, Ged and Daniel, joined hundreds of other Americans and Soviet citizens in the “American-Soviet Walk for Peace” to encourage an end to the nuclear arms race. (more…)

Guest Post: A Parents Day Tribute

By , July 25th, 2013

Closeup of Howard Gordon Tribute Art

With Parents Day this weekend, our special guest post is by Mindi Brenner. We’ve had the privilege of commemorating the lives of both Mindi’s father and mother. It is our pleasure to share her wonderful Parents Day tribute and hear her speak about the two collages—her father’s just arrived in Nevada this week! (more…)

Remembering Grammy: Mrs. Jessie Swendiman

By , June 21st, 2013


Guest post from Shelley Swendiman.

As I look at the collage created for my grandmother, Jessie Swendiman, and at each individual, carefully placed piece, I am once again reminded of how this beautiful visual representation of my Grammy’s life conveys how special she was to our family. (more…)

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