Original 3-Dimensional Art for
Anniversaries & Retirement Tributes

About One Of A Kind Art Studio

Lawrence Romorini’s One Of A Kind Art Studio has had a clear mission since 1985: To be the premier 3-dimensional collage art studio, unparalleled in originality, craftsmanship and service in creating commemorative lobby art and personal retrospective art for presentation on a milestone occasion.

Each 3-dimensional work of art displays history, leaders and accomplishments in an extraordinary and meaningful way. Romorini’s specialty is commemorative art for anniversaries and  CEO retirements. Oprah Winfrey, Marriott International, Leidos, SHRM, Johns Hopkins, Nike, Citigroup, Michael Jordan and General Electric are among hundreds of his commissions.

We collaborate closely with each client to communicate the story they wish to celebrate. The process is methodical, including research, editing and the assurance of an actual-size 3D mock-up for client approval.

Romorini transforms miniaturized photos, publications and 3D items into a unique portrait that communicates and inspires. This truly 3-dimensional art, with amazing attention to detail, provides a powerful unveiling and a lasting legacy.

We can help you share One Of A Kind lobby art globally by reproducing it as an interactive website feature with descriptive key.


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