Original 3-Dimensional Art for
Anniversaries & Retirement Tributes

The One Of A Kind Process

One Of A Kind Art Studio transforms your story into a rich, custom-designed 3-dimensional collage, turning memorabilia, photos, publications and 3D items into amazing retrospective art to communicate and inspire.

Artist Lawrence Romorini and Studio Director Donna Rome are hands-on collaborators, whether to commemorate an anniversary or honor an outstanding leader. They will walk you through each step of the process from concept and design to finished art, ensuring all the hidden gems of your story are included.

Watch our “About the Process” video to see how we do it!

As curators of your history, we have a methodical process:

A Consultation to Brainstorm, Prioritize, Suggest

We collaborate with you and ask questions to develop a brainstorming list of possible images, memorabilia and 3D items to make your story come alive.

Collect, Retrieve and Edit

We help you select and edit images & 3D items to include in the art, providing digital images for your review and approval.

Transforming History into Art

Once all the memorabilia has been selected, Lawrence Romorini designs an actual sized 3D mock-up of your art depicting shape, colors, content for approval.

Creating the Masterpiece

As Romorini proceeds to create the final 3-dimensional art, we scan and restore your photos and publications to perfection. Each image is miniaturized on archival paper, beveled edged cut and mounted on archival boards.


One Of A Kind art provides the “WOW” factor for your celebration and a timeless showpiece to be enjoyed for many years.

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