Original 3-Dimensional Art for
Anniversaries & Retirement Tributes

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The One Of A Kind Process

Display Your Story in 3-Dimensional Art

We bring a One Of A Kind process to transform your story into a rich and vibrant 3-dimensional collage, turning memorabilia, photos, tools of the profession, and 3D items of historical significance into an amazing retrospective to communicate and inspire. Highlighting achievements and celebrating milestones, these custom-designed art histories are like nothing else.

Artist Lawrence Romorini and Studio Director Donna Rome are hands-on collaborators with you. They will walk you through the process from concept to design to finished art to reproductions, ensuring all the details and hidden gems of your story are encapsulated in this personalized 3-dimensional collage.

Curators of Your History

1. First, we listen and ask questions to develop a concept and help you determine the story you wish to tell .Donna Rome conducts interviews, researches components and edits materials. From these, Lawrence Romorini creates a 3D historical collage. Items can be original images, which are scanned and returned, or we can work with digital files. Physical objects that have special significance to your narrative are especially exciting to consider for the art.

2. After consulting and working closely with the client to select items for the 3D collage, Donna arranges images on digital boards in chronological order for your approval.

Transforming Vision into Reality

3. Once all the elements have been selected, Lawrence Romorini creates a life-size mock-up of the art, photographed for approval. Our clients see the artwork’s shape and design, the materials selected and the position of every items within the art–a reassuring step so no detail is overlooked.

The 3D Process Begins

4. Next, One Of A Kind graphic artists meticulously scan and retouch your photos and publications, which are restored and miniaturized on archival paper. Each piece is then carefully bevel-edged cut, placed, mounted, and elevated from the background with a thin stainless steel rod, creating a floating sculpture effect.

5. Lawrence’s unique and engaging 3D style requires hundreds of hours to appear effortless. These projects benefit from time to ensure the art is ready for unveiling at the milestone occasion.

A Timeless Showpiece

6. A dedication plaque commemorates the celebration and expresses appreciation. Your preserved history and memories are enclosed in Plexiglas, creating the ultimate visual time capsule.

7. The end result: a captivating museum-quality piece of art that  embodies the spirit of an organization’s or leader’s narrative and accomplishments. It is a legacy that engages its audience, and will continue to tell a one-of-a-kind story in a memorable way for generations to come.

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