Original 3-Dimensional Art for
Anniversaries & Retirement Tributes

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Commemorate History, Leaders, & Accomplishments

Dramatic Unveiling

at a conference, meeting, or party


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Honor your leadership

like nothing else can


Award Winning

Lawrence Romorini’s One Of A Kind Art Studio creates stunning 3-dimensional collages featuring photos, publication, memorabilia and actual 3D items. Showcase Your History, Leadership & Accomplishments with these personalized works of art for anniversaries & retirements.

About the process

Welcome to One Of A Kind Art Studio, where extraordinary achievements are exquisitely commemorated in professional, museum-quality 3‑dimensional collages. Since 1985 Lawrence Romorini has created handcrafted 3D works of art to celebrate history, leadership and achievements of distinguished individuals, companies, organizations and hospitals, with past commissions including GE, EY, Chicago Bulls, USA Today and Oprah Winfrey.

These personalized collages make fascinating one-of-a-kind lobby art for anniversaries and breathtaking gifts for a CEO retirement. Our 3-dimensional tributes, custom-made by Lawrence Romorini and his team, incorporate publications, pictures, awards, mementos, and other physical objects to honor the past, celebrate the present and express appreciation.

For more information about our unique commemorative collages and how you can have a piece of art designed to celebrate your next major milestone, contact One Of A Kind Inc. via phone or email today!

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