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One Of A Kind Collages are Handcrafted to the Finest Detail

By , March 14th, 2014

Mark Aruta Working

The amount of care and attention to detail that goes into every One of a Kind commemorative collage, is a matter of pride to all of us. Take comfort in knowing that all of your original memorabilia is carefully scanned, retouched and restored, and reprinted on archival paper, preserving a lifetime of memories for another generation. (more…)

27 Years Later: Remembering the “American-Soviet Walk For Peace”

By , February 12th, 2014

Peace Walk Newspaper Article

With the Winter Olympic Games in the news, as well as the continuing tensions between the U.S. and Russia, we reflect on our friends Ed and Adrien Helm’s amazing journey to the USSR to promote peace and reconciliation in 1987. Ed and Adrien, with children Eleanor, Joanna, Ged and Daniel, joined hundreds of other Americans and Soviet citizens in the “American-Soviet Walk for Peace” to encourage an end to the nuclear arms race. (more…)

The Beatles’ U.S. Debut: 50th Anniversary and Memories of My Days at Northern Songs

By , February 11th, 2014

Northern Songs Beatles Memorabilia

It is hard to imagine a better first job. When I joined ATV-Kirshner Music in London, direct from Columbus, Ohio and Ohio State, I knew little about music publishing, had no idea who Don Kirshner was and barely knew that Northern Songs owned the Beatles’ copyrights. But for the next 4 years—being a lover of music and something of piano player—this new, upstart ATV company, which had just purchased Northern Songs, proved a wonderful fit.  (more…)

The Story of the Christmas Wreath

By , December 20th, 2013

Donna and Lawrence pose with the Christmas Wreath Collage

This is the 25th year our living room will display the 3-dimensional Christmas wreath art that Lawrence created in 1988. It all started when Mollie Jackson of USA TODAY gave us a “Romorini” door knocker as a Christmas present. (more…)

Guest Post: A Parents Day Tribute

By , July 25th, 2013

Closeup of Howard Gordon Tribute Art

With Parents Day this weekend, our special guest post is by Mindi Brenner. We’ve had the privilege of commemorating the lives of both Mindi’s father and mother. It is our pleasure to share her wonderful Parents Day tribute and hear her speak about the two collages—her father’s just arrived in Nevada this week! (more…)

Remembering Grammy: Mrs. Jessie Swendiman

By , June 21st, 2013


Guest post from Shelley Swendiman.

As I look at the collage created for my grandmother, Jessie Swendiman, and at each individual, carefully placed piece, I am once again reminded of how this beautiful visual representation of my Grammy’s life conveys how special she was to our family. (more…)

How Will You Top This Year’s Father’s Day Gift?

By , June 17th, 2013


For  Father’s Day 2014, enjoy the anticipation. Commission One Of A Kind to create a work of art from the most special moments of his life– perhaps a vintage passport, cherished sport tickets, favorite family beach photo, university logo, a book of matches from that special restaurant, an award, ID badge, business card, golf ball–the mementos of a life well lived. (more…)

Client Spotlight: Clay Blackmore

By , May 14th, 2013


With June weddings around the corner, we reflect on our wonderful collaborations with Photographer Clay Blackmore. Working with Clay on his first collage, which commemorated his road from Texas to D.C. and his journey from protégé of the legendary Monte Zucker to one of the most sought-after photographers in the world, Lawrence and I came to appreciate the exquisite artistry of his work—including amazing wedding photography.


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