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My Office

By , April 18th, 2013


My office of the past 25 years IS a collage. Every bit of it holds a quote, photo, a detail from a past commission. I sometimes catch myself dreaming about a Container Store or Ikea-worthy organized office, but I´ll stand by my office´s character. The good stuff is in what someone else might consider any old knickknack…and for me, tossing out just isn´t an option.

I look around and every part of it brings back wonderful memories.  

On the back wall there’s a trumpet I used in designing Lands’ Ends’ collage 20 years ago. It honored their longtime marketing VP, a musician who blew the horn (very well) for the company. Out of the horn spring flowers I used in collages for Preakness, Cherry Blossom Festival and H-E-B Supermarkets in Texas. I still keep a little mini-collage my daughter made me when she was 8 on one of my shelves. Time flies, though…that mini-collage is near a photo she recently took during a march in Buenos Aires–I loved those colors, the motion of flags, the flow of the picture! It makes me feel like I am there.

The rock below is dated September 18, 1980 Cape Cod: where One Of a Kind and much more were really launched…ask me sometime about why 18 is my favorite number.


While my office may look like it´s filled with random things, there are stories behind everything. My room isn´t just an office, it´s a place for inspiration for me, every day. Colors, textures, shapes, photos, ideas, memories…who knows where I´ll find the inspiration for my next collage?

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