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Goodbye with Style: 3 Tips for the Perfect CEO Retirement Gift

By , July 15th, 2020

Whether it’s your company’s founder or a dynamic CEO, the retirement of a visionary senior leader can be a bittersweet time in a corporate life. And the responsibility of choosing the most appropriate executive retirement gift for the occasion is especially challenging.

After collaborating with hundreds of companies, hospitals and organizations to honor CEO’s, here are 3 Tips to ensure your retirement gift gets a 5 Stars—“Fantastic!”

Go Beyond the Expected     Celebrate the Story     Open the Door

If you’re looking for professional help to honor a distinguished executive, consider contacting One Of A Kind Art Studio to provide suggestions.

Go Beyond the Expected

A reception, plaque, golf clubs, crystal bowl, perhaps a video: these are the traditional retirement gifts for executives. And while this gift may be a safe bet, for the truly exceptional CEO, a gift with heart and meaning expresses special care and appreciation.

Discover Financial honored their longtime CEO with One Of A Kind art celebrating his 20-year career. The circular shape, with an orange frame, echoes the “O” in DISCOVER’s logo. The orange also reflects University of Florida’s official color for this proud alum. The corporate values the CEO instilled are featured on the orange ribbon flowing through the art.

Celebrate the Story

A case of champagne or a luxury vacation might seem like a good idea for a retirement gift. But consider a gift that commemorates career achievements and favorite memories. A tribute that your CEO can’t buy off the shelf.

The Average CEO tenure has greatly reduced since the 1990’s, from an average of 10 years to 5.5 years today!  Present a personalized gift that celebrates many years of vision, leadership and accomplishments.

Stanley Black & Decker art is personalized for their CEO to celebrate the growth and accomplishments under his leadership—as a lasting gift of appreciation. The art incorporates actual products and a 3D revenue chart, created with brass and copper

Open the Door

When you’re responsible for deciding on such an important gift, consider making the surprise inclusive. Reach out to key executives for ideas and memorabilia that will be important to preserve the career accomplishments, convey care and become a legacy.

The dedication plaque in Exelis’ CEO art is actually one of the company’s products. It’s surrounded by the signatures of his direct reports, who contributed memorabilia and ideas for the artwork.

One Of A Kind specializes in unique, creative retirement gifts. Call us for a free consultation.

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