Original 3-Dimensional Art for
Anniversaries & Retirement Tributes

Present the Best CEO Retirement Gift

“I am simply blown away by the very special, truly One Of A Kind tribute you created…showcasing scores and scores of wonderful memories.” – CEO, McCoy’s Building Supply

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A unique retirement gift to celebrate accomplishments and show thanks

Interested in finding the best CEO gift ideas? Or perhaps you need a tribute worthy of honoring an executive’s long career? Lawrence Romorini, founder of One Of A Kind Art Studio, creates unforgettable 3-dimensional works of art that showcase history, leadership, and accomplishments. This custom-made, commissioned art goes beyond the expected, making a powerful presentation. Each 3-dimensional collage is a unique portrait, communicating a lifetime story with photos, publications, and 3D items.

Romorini’s past projects include art for Oprah Winfrey, Phil Knight, Michael Dell, Michael Jordan, J.W. Marriott, Jr., and CEO’s of Southwest Airlines, Ernst & Young, CITI, WD-40, Discover, among others.

Our custom-made CEO tributes commemorate the years that a top executive dedicated to an organization. Each personalized piece is filled with images and items that showcase what the company achieved and milestones reached under their leadership. The art contains photos, publications, and memorabilia from early years, highlighting promotions, challenges, people, and favorite memories. This gift will be appreciated for many years.

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