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Unique, Meaningful CEO Retirement Gift

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A unique retirement gift to celebrate accomplishments and show thanks

Looking for a unique retirement gift for your CEO? Or perhaps you need a tribute worthy of honoring an executive’s long career? Lawrence Romorini, founder of One Of A Kind Art Studio, creates unforgettable three-dimensional works of art that showcase history, leadership, and accomplishments. This custom-made, commissioned art goes beyond the expected, making a powerful presentation. 

Romorini’s past projects include art for Oprah Winfrey, Jack Welch, Michael Jordan, Jack Kemp, J.W. Marriott, Jr., Michael Dell, Phil Knight, and CEO’s of Southwest Airlines, Ernst & Young, Mellon Bank, and Discover, among others.

What Services Do We Offer?

One Of A Kind creates 3-dimensional artwork designed to celebrate a leader’s career. We follow a step-by-step process. We work with you in researching, brainstorming, and editing of archives, keepsakes, souvenirs, and trophies. We also find 3D items that will add heart and meaning to the gift. You will see digital images of the proposed content for approval, and then images of an actual-size 3D mock-up. Each 3-dimensional collage is a One Of A Kind portrait, communicating a lifetime story with photos, publications, and 3D items.

See an example from the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

Need Ideas for CEO Gifts?

Our custom-made executive tributes commemorate the years that a CEO or top executive dedicated to an organization. These unique retirement gifts are filled with images and items that showcase what the company achieved and milestones that occurred under their leadership. The art can contain photos, publications, and memorabilia from early years, highlighting promotions, challenges, people, and favorite memories.

CEO gifts contain a dedication plaque with a message of appreciation. This text can include the signatures of direct reports who are presenting the art, or messages from team members sending best wishes to the retiring executive. 

A Company Tribute

Different from traditional CEO gifts, a three-dimensional work of art from you and your team can honor a leader’s accomplishments in a lobby or boardroom. This is a gift that will inspire and can be shared with the entire company. Often the art also celebrates a milestone anniversary. Corporate symbols can be included in 3D, such as a 3D growth chart and miniaturized 3D annual reports. Publications can be presented artistically, for example, in a ribbon around a company logo, or on a mini shelf displaying the reports like trophies. 

Vintage documents, photos, and publications offer perspective, while mission and values that the leader has instilled can be celebrated. 

Who Creates These Works?

Lawrence Romorini is the One Of A Kind founder who creates these personalized works of art, transforming everyday items and memories into masterpieces – the ordinary into the extraordinary! These works of art are commissioned as unique retirement gifts and surprise birthday or anniversary gifts for CEO’s, chronicling important life events and business achievements.

To learn more about unique retirement gifts, contact One Of A Kind today.

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