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Art & Magic

By , April 29th, 2013


Guest Post from Photographer Fredde Lieberman

As a photographer I get to photograph many wonders. Some of my favorite subjects are magicians who create illusions that fill me with wonder and amazement. A while back I photographed a collage for One of A Kind. It was the the 100 year celebration for Compressed Gas Association.


A Tribute to Al Neuharth

By , April 22nd, 2013


The creation of Al Neuharth’s USA TODAY artwork was an unforgettable chapter in the One Of A Kind story. My very first corporate commission was for this titan of the newspaper industry, a visionary who had seen it all and had it all. “Knock his socks off,” was my mandate to honor the USA TODAY Founder on the 5th anniversary. (more…)

On the passing of USA Today Founder Al Neuharth

By , April 22nd, 2013


Lawrence and I were deeply saddened to learn of Al Neuharth’s passing. As the Chairman of Gannett and Founder of USA TODAY, he was first recipient of a corporate One Of A Kind 3-dimensional collage. It was the 5th anniversary of USA TODAY, and thanks to the vision of John Curley, Lawrence was commissioned to create a gift for Neuharth to commemorate the occasion. (more…)

My Office

By , April 18th, 2013


My office of the past 25 years IS a collage. Every bit of it holds a quote, photo, a detail from a past commission. I sometimes catch myself dreaming about a Container Store or Ikea-worthy organized office, but I´ll stand by my office´s character. The good stuff is in what someone else might consider any old knickknack…and for me, tossing out just isn´t an option.

I look around and every part of it brings back wonderful memories.   (more…)

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