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HARMAN CEO Commissioned Retirement Gift

By , January 7th, 2021

HARMAN recently presented a One Of A Kind CEO retirement gift to their amazing leader, Dinesh Paliwal. HARMAN is a global leader in connected car technology, lifestyle audio innovations, design analytics, cloud services and IoT solutions. This tribute honors Mr. Paliwal and the company’s impressive global growth and accomplishments over the past decade. It also reflects the way HARMAN’s brands have changed the way people experience entertainment and information–at home, in cars, and at concert venues.

The CEO retirement tribute is designed in a contemporary, circular structure with a black background and silver leaf frame. The story flows counterclockwise from the top left, and features photos, publications, 3D items and memorabilia.

The centerpiece includes a 3D revenue bar chart, created in metal, HARMAN logo, and a ribbon with HARMAN values flowing from left to right. 33 flags in the top border represent HARMAN locations worldwide. The bottom border features the family of brands.

The art is full of fun and interesting miniature 3D items. Included are an American Airlines plane, blue BMW, Taj Mahal, globe, hard hat, speaker system, gramophone, microphone, laptop, wine and cheese plate, and a brief case with the Wall Street Journal and an iPad inside. Miniature 3D instruments include a saxophone, a trumpet, a piano and a Lego figurine playing a guitar, along with pins of a grand piano, music note, and treble clef. At the top of the collage is a miniature podium with a photo of the CEO, reflecting on the growth chart. Highlighting also the Grammys, music industry, and many VIP appearances made this a unique surprise tribute that will become a lasting legacy.

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