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Kennedy Health—Where Heroes Abound—A 50th Anniversary Celebration to Remember!

By , June 29th, 2015


It was our great fortune to commemorate Kennedy Health’s 50th anniversary with One Of A Kind art AND to attend their celebration in Stratford, NJ. Collage items came to life as we met the people they represented. Perhaps most memorably, I was able to speak with Dr. David Condoluci. Previously I’d sent him, in appreciation, a poster of my Names Project Quilt artwork after learning how he’d treated AIDS patients since the 1980s. The compassion he conveyed—even 30 years later–about those challenging early days was moving.


What Donna and I came away with from Thursday’s anniversary event was a renewed thankfulness for the calling of doctors—such as Dr. Condoluci—of dynamic administrators like CEO Joe Devine, nurses, board members, educators and staff, who have dedicated their lives to the health of their community. Making a huge positive difference, enthusiastically, and in their own way, heroes all.

kennedy-with-joe-devine kennedy-with-lisa-and-jess

Collaborating with Kennedy Health CEO Joe Devine, V.P. Government and External Relations Lisa Morina, Jessica Lucas, Event and Community Outreach Manager, and everyone else we spoke with reminded us that “this is a people story.” It was not until we attended their celebration, where the art was unveiled, did we fully appreciated the degree to which the people of Kennedy Health, past and present, have contributed to their great story, and how much they value each other. It was a wonderful family affair, full of heart, with numerous Kennedy founders returning for the occasion.


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