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An Olympic Achievement: Honoring Second Generation CEO of Olympic Steel

By , November 26th, 2018

Olympic Steel, a leading national metals service center headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, recently presented One Of A Kind art to their long-time, second generation CEO.
6750 x 6750
The art’s circular structure, with a 30″ diameter and silver metal base, suggests a steel coil, at the heart of the industry. The hub of the circle recounts the modest beginnings of Olympic Steel, which has grown to over 30 locations.

Photos, publications and actual 3D items celebrate Olympic Steel’s success since Mr. Siegal joined the company in 1974. The retrospective features philanthropic endeavors, acquisitions, awards and leadership in professional organizations, including Metals Service Center Institute.

Highlights include a miniature forklift with coil, material handling truck with coil, and a 3D windmill.

The Mission is engraved in metal at the top of the circle, and at the bottom of the circle is the photoengraved dedication message. It reads:

With admiration, respect and gratitude for over 44 years of commitment to Olympic Steel.
Your extraordinary vision and leadership will continue to inspire us.

From your Olympic Steel Family

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