Original 3-Dimensional Art for
Anniversaries & Retirement Tributes

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Celebrate Your Amazing Story in 100th Anniversary Art

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As you approach a 100th anniversary in business, your organization is one of the very few that have made it to this incredible milestone. Exhibit this rare feat in a way that captures the significance, with a One Of A Kind 3D commemorative collage for the centennial anniversary of your company.

The perfect alternative to a company video or book, our 3‑dimensional art helps tell your company’s unique story with a custom-made design that incorporate photos, publications, logos, memorabilia, and actual 3D items. This professional, museum-quality work of art will communicate your mission and values, honor leaders, and celebrate accomplishments in a timeless and memorable way.

For your organization’s 100th anniversary milestone, contact One Of A Kind Inc. to learn more about our custom-made 3-dimensional lobby art. There is no better way to communicate your first century of success and inspire future generations.

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