Original 3-Dimensional Art for
Anniversaries & Retirement Tributes

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Murray Supply Company 50th Anniversary Artwork

Size of the art: 32.5" square x 5" deep

Murray Supply Company memorialized their 50th anniversary by presenting 3-dimensional retrospective artwork from One Of A Kind Art Studio to the Murray family leadership. This commemorative collage will serve as an unforgettable legacy of Murray Supply Company’s history, people, accomplishments, and commitment to associates, customers, vendors, industry, and the environment.

A 3-dimensional logo, constructed of laser-cut acrylic, creates a dramatic centerpiece for the art. The story of Murray Supply flows counterclockwise from the top, featuring photos, news articles, and actual 3-D memorabilia. The art is framed by 3 types of pipes – copper, PVC, and steel – and raised brass blocks in three corners. At the top, a photo of the founders is placed inside a vintage pipe fitting, echoing a photograph of the current leadership inside of a modern fitting at the conclusion of the story.


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