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American National Standards Institute 100th Anniversary Art

Size of the art: 65” x 40” x 5”

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) highlighted their 100th anniversary celebration at Union Station, Washington, D.C., by unveiling One Of A Kind 3-dimensional commemorative art to showcase the organization’s rich history, mission, leaders, accomplishments and services since 1918.

The oval structure design reflects ANSI’s logo and the collaborative nature of the organization. The story flows counterclockwise from the Mission. The border design is engraved with the hallmarks of the ANSI community’s standardization work: Collaboration, Partnership, Consensus, Innovation, Quality, Interoperability, Safety, Competitiveness, Neutrality.

A brass globe suggests how standards have become a strategic and competitive advantage both in the USA and in the global economy. Names of ANSI leaders since 1918 are engraved in the border.

Read how ANSI celebrated their anniversary, and unveiled their One Of A Kind Art, here.

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