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Press Release: National Foreign Trade Council Unveils Lawrence Romorini’s One Of A Kind Centennial Art

By , January 15th, 2014

Lawrence Romorini’s One Of A Kind 3-dimensional art highlighted the National Foreign Trade Council Centennial Kickoff Reception last evening to honor their history, leaders, services and accomplishments. NFTC President Bill Reinsch, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and NFTC Chairman Ambassador Alan Wm. Wolff unveiled the retrospective at the historic President Woodrow Wilson House in Washington DC, with the assistance of “Woodrow Wilson in Person,” who underscored the appropriateness of the venue. As President in 1914, Woodrow Wilson met with the founders of NFTC a century ago and was a strong advocate for their mission and success.

With scores of photos and publications, the diamond-shaped artwork features a 100-year timeline engraved in the border. The evolution of transportation for international trade is represented with 3D models. One Of A Kind is also providing an interactive feature with descriptive key for NFTC’s website to share the 100th anniversary art globally and to identify the significance of every item.

“This retrospective embodies the ways that NFTC has participated in major trade milestones over the last century,” says Romorini. “This artwork will serve as a lasting communication piece of the first 100 years. It’s fascinating to discover the distinguished leaders—from Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower to Nelson Mandela—associated with the NFTC legacy.”

NFTC’s 100th anniversary collage will be permanently installed in NFTC’s K Street, Washington, DC headquarters.

Lawrence Romorini’s previous commissions have commemorated the stories of American Road and Transportation Builders Association, American Chemical Society, USA TODAY, Marriott International, General Electric and American Society of Civil Engineers, among others shown on their website: www.oneofakindinc.com.

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