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Newseum Launches “The Boomer List” by Photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

By , October 6th, 2014


Lawrence and I had the pleasure of attending Wednesday’s grand opening of award-winning photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ The Boomer List exhibit at the Newseum. The discussion panel included moderator Jeffrey Brown of PBS NewsHour, environmentalist Erin Brockovich, actress Kim Cattrall, and historian Julieanna Richardson, who talked with the photographer about the unique experience of being involved in this project and the memories it evoked.


Stop by and see this Newseum exhibit, which opens as the youngest of the boomers turn 50 this year and runs through July 5, 2015. The exhibit features one subject from each year of the baby boom, 1946-1964, reproduced as a large scale portrait, and is complemented by the PBS American Masters “The Boomer List” documentary. In addition, a timeline and collection of iconic artifacts from the era will be displayed. Truly a fascinating look into an important generation.

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