Original 3-Dimensional Art for
Anniversaries & Retirement Tributes

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Celebrate History and Leadership on Your 25th Anniversary

25th Corporate Anniversary Lobby Art

Celebrate your company’s past history and current success with 3D commemorative art for its 25th anniversary. One Of A Kind Inc. produces beautiful professional collages that exhibit the legacy and achievements of businesses and organizations over the first quarter century. As you continue to grow, your artwork stands as a reminder of the company’s mission, values, vision, and humble beginnings while inspiring employees for future success every day.

Press releases, publications, images, and physical objects can all be combined into the artwork to fully illustrate the history and legacy. For more detail on how you can commission a One Of A Kind 25th anniversary commemorative 3D collage for your company, browse some of our past projects above or reach out to us via phone or email.

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