Original 3-Dimensional Art for
Anniversaries & Retirement Tributes

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Executive Retirement Gifts

Discover Executive Retirement Gifts that go far beyond the expected: One Of A Kind 3-Dimensional Commemorative Art. Display history, career achievements and favorite memories in an extraordinary, meaningful way to honor your CEO and express appreciation. Created by Lawrence Romorini, each executive retirement gift incorporates photos, publications and actual 3D items to serve as a powerful tribute and lasting legacy. This personalized art includes a dedication plaque to convey a message of thanks.

See the variety and creativity of these personalized executive retirement gifts in our brochure.



Dramatic Unveiling

at a conference, meeting, or party


in a lobby or on your website

Honor your leadership

like nothing else can


Award Winning

Lawrence Romorini’s One Of A Kind Art Studio creates stunning 3-dimensional collages featuring photos, publication, memorabilia and actual 3D items. Showcase Your History, Leadership & Accomplishments with these personalized works of art for anniversaries &┬áretirements.

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