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California Teachers Association 150th Anniversary History: It’s An Open Book That Comes To Life!

By , October 28th, 2013

Lawrence Romorini places an item into the 3-dimensional artwork

California Teachers Association unveiled the weightiest–and one of the most unique–One Of A Kind collages ever at their October Council Meeting, held in Los Angeles this past weekend. This retrospective is the first collage with roots in the California Gold Rush, chronicling CTA’s support for free public education, its teachers and students, and for civil rights from the Golden State’s beginnings.

California Teachers Association 150th Anniversary Retrospective Artwork

Measuring 8 feet x 4.5 feet x 15 inches, the 150th Anniversary artwork features an open book design to showcase CTA’s history, milestones and advocacy. It will be installed in the lobby of the California Teachers Association headquarters in San Francisco and has been reproduced as a commemorative brochure and as an interactive website feature.

Early Chalk Tablet
iPad displaying apps used by CTA

The story flows counterclockwise from the top left page and features scores of photos, publications and 3D items. The evolution of teaching tools is highlighted throughout, including a vintage chalkboard with a quote from CTA’s founder on the left. In juxtaposition, on the right, is a contemporary iPad with CTA apps.

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