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A Legacy of Leadership: Honoring the Presidents of ASCE

By , September 7th, 2016


When Pat Natale arrived at American Society of Civil Engineers as Executive Director in 2002, the Society honored their Presidents by displaying portrait photos in the boardroom during their lifetime. Natale hoped to find a more lasting way to acknowledge Presidents’ leadership and achievements. When he discovered One Of A Kind Art Studio at an ASAE Expo, Natale initiated a longstanding tradition unique to ASCE: 3-dimensional art commemorating the history of the profession and featuring Presidents’ portraits, photoengraved in metal, as the centerpiece. (more…)

One Of A Kind LOVES 3D Items to Include in the Art

By , January 26th, 2016


I’m always excited and energized when our clients have a special meaningful 3D item that they want to include in their retrospective art. But sometime the item is too large–that’s when our team goes to work.

Our team uses all of the resources available to add that 3D touch to the art that people like to point to and talk about—they can do anything. (more…)

Washburn University’s 150th Anniversary Story Inspires One Of A Kind Art

By , October 26th, 2015


Over the course of nine months, we’ve enjoyed collaborating with Washburn University to create 150th anniversary art for installation in their new Welcome Center at Morgan Hall in Topeka, Kansas.

The artwork chronicles Washburn’s history, milestones, traditions, accomplishments and their inclusive mission since the outset. Early graduates included African Americans and women, with vintage group photos of diverse classes, clubs and athletic teams. Washburn alumni participated in the momentous Brown v. Board of Education case.


Kennedy Health—Where Heroes Abound—A 50th Anniversary Celebration to Remember!

By , June 29th, 2015


It was our great fortune to commemorate Kennedy Health’s 50th anniversary with One Of A Kind art AND to attend their celebration in Stratford, NJ. Collage items came to life as we met the people they represented. Perhaps most memorably, I was able to speak with Dr. David Condoluci. Previously I’d sent him, in appreciation, a poster of my Names Project Quilt artwork after learning how he’d treated AIDS patients since the 1980s. The compassion he conveyed—even 30 years later–about those challenging early days was moving. (more…)

Remembering World AIDS Day Through Photos

By , December 1st, 2014


December 1st marks World AIDS Day, and each year it brings back memories of one of the last times the AIDS Quilt (The Names Project) was shown as a complete piece on 10/1992. It drew thousands of people to the National Mall in Washington to experience this memorial to those who had died from AIDS and help people to understand the disease’s overwhelming impact. (more…)

26th Anniversary of Our First Commission

By , September 13th, 2013


September 15th marks the 31st anniversary of USA TODAY’s launch. It also celebrates the 26th anniversary of One Of A Kind’s first commission. It was the Nation’s Newspaper’s 5th anniversary and Gannett’s President John Curley commissioned a major piece of 3-dimensional commemorative art to honor the founder, Al Neuharth. The collage featured an actual 1926 Royal typewriter—an exact duplicate of the one he began his journalism career with. Out of the carriage comes the first edition of USA TODAY. On the keys of the typewriter are faces of Mr. Neuharth’s key executives. (more…)

How Will You Top This Year’s Father’s Day Gift?

By , June 17th, 2013


For  Father’s Day 2014, enjoy the anticipation. Commission One Of A Kind to create a work of art from the most special moments of his life– perhaps a vintage passport, cherished sport tickets, favorite family beach photo, university logo, a book of matches from that special restaurant, an award, ID badge, business card, golf ball–the mementos of a life well lived. (more…)

Art & Magic

By , April 29th, 2013


Guest Post from Photographer Fredde Lieberman

As a photographer I get to photograph many wonders. Some of my favorite subjects are magicians who create illusions that fill me with wonder and amazement. A while back I photographed a collage for One of A Kind. It was the the 100 year celebration for Compressed Gas Association.


A Tribute to Al Neuharth

By , April 22nd, 2013


The creation of Al Neuharth’s USA TODAY artwork was an unforgettable chapter in the One Of A Kind story. My very first corporate commission was for this titan of the newspaper industry, a visionary who had seen it all and had it all. “Knock his socks off,” was my mandate to honor the USA TODAY Founder on the 5th anniversary. (more…)

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