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By , April 29th, 2013


Guest Post from Photographer Fredde Lieberman

As a photographer I get to photograph many wonders. Some of my favorite subjects are magicians who create illusions that fill me with wonder and amazement. A while back I photographed a collage for One of A Kind. It was the the 100 year celebration for Compressed Gas Association.

Lawrence Romorini must be considered among the people who can make magic. When I first saw this work I was simply captivated by its sheer power of magic and illusion. Imagine over 200 items in perfect harmony floating. Not only floating but straight level.

As for illusion, the tank canisters that are 2-dimensional fool the eye with 3-D depth and specularity so you believe they are made from metal. As the eye starts from the center logo and flows to the gas cubes with periodic table elements along the top, you are soon lost in the 100 years of CGA.

When you come up for air you have seen one of the many performances of One of A Kind. They are truly magicians who create art and magic for their clients.

Fredde Lieberman


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