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5 Reasons Every Company Anniversary Can Be The Big One!

By , May 12th, 2021

Large collage for American Academy of Audiology unveiled at anniversary celebration.

Do you know your company’s founding date? Perhaps you don’t have a 50th or 100th anniversary on the horizon. But do the math—and any anniversary ending in a zero or five is an opportunity to maximize! Besides a good excuse to party, here are the reasons why:

1. Showcase Your Experience

This is the ideal opportunity to remind prospects and customers of your expertise and longevity. You’ve reached a milestone – communicate how you’ve got there. One Of A Kind 3-dimensional commemorative art can share your history and accomplishments in a personalized, custom-made, visual retrospective. It celebrates your past and present, and creates a lasting legacy to be enjoyed for future generations!

2. You Only Have Your Leaders N-O-W!

Every year brings unscripted changes. Take the occasion to acknowledge invaluable leaders for their role in your organization’s success. This is a chance that may not come again. Many of our clients use their company’s anniversary art as an opportunity to honor and recognize distinguished leaders.


3. Preserve Your Legacy

Make sure valuable archival items are preserved for the future. Future custodians of your legacy may not understand their significance. Collect and save what is important in a place where it can be shared and appreciated. At the same time, while longtime staff are still with your organization, interview them for an oral account of major milestones.

With One Of A Kind 3-dimensional commemorative art, highlights of the archives can continue communicating your story and mission every day to staff and visitors in a fascinating lobby display. To add to the archives, One Of A Kind provides all the images used in the art, scanned, retouched and ready for future reproductions.


4. Thank your Staff and Customers in an Engaging Way

Be creative in your approach. Engage your team and your clients in what makes your story one-of-a-kind. Make them a part of your success by expressing appreciation and acknowledging their contributions. You can cast a broad net in expressing thanks to all who have contributed to your company’s success.

In the early stages of planning an anniversary, many of our clients build momentum with a “Call for Memorabilia” to their staff to contribute to the company’s 3-dimensional anniversary art. The collage becomes a collaboration, with a payoff at the celebration when participants see their vintage photos and memorabilia as part of their company’s artwork. An employee can proudly point out, “I contributed that!”

5. Communicate your Vision for the Future

While reflecting on history, past leaders, and accomplishments, here is a timely opportunity to provide leadership on how the organization will succeed going forward.


For over 30 years One Of A Kind Art Studio has helped major companies, associations, and hospitals celebrate 25th, 50th, 75th and 100th anniversaries—as well as 35th, 40th, 65th, and 90th’s—in an extraordinary, meaningful way. Lawrence Romorini’s 3-dimensional commemorative art showcases history, leaders, mission, vision and accomplishments to unveil at a celebration and install in a lobby as a lasting tribute.

Reproduced as an interactive website feature, posters, and commemorative brochures, this custom art becomes a one-stop solution to communicate a corporate story, honor people, and preserve archival material. Interested in learning more? Contact Donna Rome, Studio Director: 301.495.3361, ext. 102 or [email protected].

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