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Studies Show “Art Heals” — 6 Ways Art Inspires Patients and Staff

By , October 15th, 2014


As scientists study how our physical environment affects us, we are learning that the art in hospitals is more important than we ever imagined. There is now a large body of research behind the selection of evidence-based art, this method of choosing artwork focuses on this research and aims to help hospital administrators make decisions that are scientific rather than purely aesthetic. Some visual elements, particularly artwork that includes natural themes and people, have shown to be beneficial to patient recovery and staff morale. Laura Landro explores this idea in an interesting article for the Wall Street Journal. The article looks at ways hospitals are using art to improve patient care and the healing process. (more…)

Newseum Launches “The Boomer List” by Photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

By , October 6th, 2014


Lawrence and I had the pleasure of attending Wednesday’s grand opening of award-winning photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ The Boomer List exhibit at the Newseum. The discussion panel included moderator Jeffrey Brown of PBS NewsHour, environmentalist Erin Brockovich, actress Kim Cattrall, and historian Julieanna Richardson, who talked with the photographer about the unique experience of being involved in this project and the memories it evoked. (more…)

A Sweet Retirement Tribute for National Confectioners Association President Larry Graham

By , October 1st, 2014


It was a special treat creating the 3-dimensional retirement tribute honoring the National Confectioners Association President Larry Graham, who has led NCA since 1992. We collaborated in secret with Graham’s Executive Assistant Barbara O’Brien and her team to find photos, publications and 3D items to include in the artwork. The care and attention to detail exhibited by the NCA staff reflects their appreciation for Graham’s vision and longtime leadership. The art was unveiled at a staff dinner in his honor, and displayed at industry-wide celebrations for Mr. Graham. (more…)

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