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Congratulations to Garrison Keillor on the 40th Anniversary of A Prairie Home Companion

By , May 29th, 2014


Lake Wobegon visited the Bethesda, MD Barnes and Noble this weekend. And a longtime fan and fellow English major was delighted to meet Garrison Keillor, a most gifted national treasure. Check out his latest book, The Keillor Reader.

One Of A Kind holds a special appreciation for the genius of Garrison Keillor and the stories he weaves of Lake Wobegon, which have resonated profoundly with his audiences since 1974. This unique author/performer relates his tales with extraordinary ease, yet the thought, subtleties and nuances reflect hours of craftsmanship.

What Garrison Keillor achieves with words, we endeavor to create in 3-dimensional artwork, with photos, publications, and everyday 3D items. Each One Of A Kind collage is designed to tell a story, filled with vignettes of  real life, poignancy, charm and humor.

In the same way Keillor puts eclectic music, poems, skits and world-class actors in amazing juxtaposition, Lawrence Romorini strives for a fascinating mix of materials for his 3-dimensional art that entertains and enlightens.

Wishing you a most Happy 40th Anniversary, Garrison Keillor.

YOU are One Of A Kind!

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